Services is an online portal to gather all these contractors together for getting works from their corresponding working areas. We offer drilling services from domestic to commercial borewells. We are having wide contact of borewell drilling contractors all around India and is seeking for more. In general, we act as a bridge to connect the customer to the borewell contractors at needy time.

Tubewell - Rotary/Calyx

A tubewell is drilled mainly in sedimentary basins where sand, gravel, clay, mud etc encounters while drilling. The method used for drilling tubewells is entirely different from that of drilling a borewell. Tubewell drilling is a time consuming process which may extent from a few weeks to nearly a month. In a tubewell construction; special grade casing pipes and pebbles / gravel packing, developing etc are a common factor. Utmost care should be taken while constructing a tubewell. Advance amount for tubewell (Rotary/Calyx) drilling will be INR3000**.

Borewell - Agricultural/commercial

Borewells are mainly drilled in rocky terrains where crystalline rocks encounter at shallow to medium depths. They are constructed in various diameters as per the requirement of the client. Depths may vary from few hundreds of feet to few thousands of feet (100 - 2000). Advance amount for Borewell drilling (Agricultural/commercial) will be INR2000**.


Domestic borewells come in smaller diameter and depths since the water extracted from such wells are for domestic use only. But, in some most water scarce towns like Bengaluru; the depth may go upto 1500 - 2000 feet even for domestic borewells. Advance amount for Borewell drilling fo domestic purpose will be INR1000**.

Borewell Rig Exporting

We offer Borewell Rig Exporting services to main foreign countries.

**The above mentioned amount will be considered as an advance amount and this amount will be deducted from the total agreed amount when it comes at the time of finishing a project between the client and the customer.